Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: A M

What a treat it has been working with Lydia on the sale of my home. She is very professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate that she offers me informed and researched suggestions but allows me to make the decisions without feeling pressured. She is engaged, communicative, and proactive. The process was stress free and she has gone above and beyond! We also shared a few good laughs! I highly recommend her

By: Jason H

My wife and I are first time home buyers. Brand new to the market and to the real estate experience. All we knew were the areas we wanted to live in, and few minor specs, but other than that, very novice. Lydia bridged the gap for us. She helped us find a mortgage broker, and later, a notary. She searched out places within our criteria, and helped us look into new possibilities. She made the whole experience less intimidating. I truly recommend Lydia as a realtor. We love our place, and are so happy she helped us along the whole journey.

By: Myriame Lyons

Lydia was absolutely the best!! She was engaged from beginning to end, tuning into our preferences quickly as things changed along the way. Present, professional, and polite, we would HIGHLY recommend Lydia!

By: Filip de Sagher

Professional & personal, Lydia will go the extra mile to care for her clients. if you are looking for a Realtor you can trust 100%, you have found her. Wish I could give 10 stars.

By: Matt Dunn

Being a first time home buyer Lydia was amazing in guiding me with all I needed to know to make an informed decision and purchase! Very responsive and went the extra mile to be available.

By: GatsbyBlue

Love Lydia. She was the Realtor we needed to find as first home buyers. We had to put our search on hold for a year because financial problems but we called her up again when we were ready. We spent a long time searching for the perfect place all over the Vancouver area. I was always pushing for better even though we couldn't afford everything we wanted. She was very helpful to educate and point out issues with places so we wouldn't get screwed over. If we didn't notice something she would point it out. When we found one place we were dying over, I started to doubt the distance and area. Lydia helped bounce postives and negative issues with the place until I realized it was not the place for us. She never pushed any place on us, she was always making sure we would find a purchase we would be happy living in. Eventually we found something too good to be true. During the deal mysteries kept happening with the sellers and we would lost one key thing I wanted, insuite laundry. I eventually caved and gave it up for the location and price. Lydia worked hard to uncover any potential problems like possible levys incase we couldnt afford them. All the people she recommended to help with the transaction were a godsend during a hectic time. Evil banks you know. During subject removal we did everything we needed and all seemed well until sellers back pedalled after the agreed day. That kind and sweet Lydia we knew let her claws out so they wouldnt push us back after we did everything on our end. Suprised the *$%& outta me, good on ya Lydia. Stop reading your own review. Seller finally let us have it though. Everything was good and in the heat of covid. Seller completed everything, we moved in, there were some issues and Lydia was still helping us. She kept making sure the sellers didnt totally screw us in some way but doesn't seem so. Place was super clean. It was really cool when the other realtor brought over replacement blinds cause I guess a tenant broke them during the transaction. It felt like the entire deal was on equal terms between us the sellers and the realtors involved. If we sell, I'll be calling you up. Cheers Lydia!